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About OMW

Vi har ikke nogle produkter at vise her lige nu.

The name stands for On My Way, because we are all on our way in Life. OMW is a voluntary and donation-driven organization founded by missionary minister Dax Batelaan based in Denmark.


Dax travels alone or with a small team to spread the simple gospel “God is love, and love is for all” in a relatable way in modern society.

Since he began his passion, he has visited over 24 countries from finer locations to poor slum neighborhoods in Uganda or hong kong's “red light district."

He preaches this message in every church, home, or street he is welcomed in, and keeps the travel costs down as much as possible so the support money can go to help and bless people in need on his way. He especially has a heart for troubled, poor, or abandoned youth since he himself had a rough start in life.




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